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Lucy, Katz Builders

by [email protected] on December 10, 2016 Comments Off on Lucy, Katz Builders

Linko IT & Web Solutions has been taking care of Katz Builders, Inc., Custom Builders & Remodelers IT issues for the last couple of years.  She came highly recommended and because she has a small company we hesitated to retain her at first.   Due to the absolutely positive comments made about her expertise and high level of service, we were willing to take a chance.  We recommend her and the team she works with unequivocally.   She is knowledgeable, efficient with her time, eager to help, researches areas where she isn’t an expert and gets current, up to date advise.  Nikki answers our calls when we contact her and is always here in case of an urgent issue when she is needed to keep us going.   Without a doubt, I would recommend Linko IT & Web Solutions 100%

[email protected]Lucy, Katz Builders