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Colby, Climate Mechanical

by [email protected] on December 10, 2016 Comments Off on Colby, Climate Mechanical

Mrs. Linko took over our account 1 year ago. I, at that time, thought I had a pretty good web page. After she did a complete revision, deleting and adding, to the page we were astonished at what a real web page should look like. The work was extremely professional and imaginative. She took all of my ideas and put her own twist on them making them much better. Most of all way UNDER budget. We now have her maintain our website monthly. Website pages seem to change daily so having her monthly keep up with the latest changes has certainly been a plus. I can’t say any more than thank you Mrs. Linko for the fabulous job you have performed and continue to perform for my company.

[email protected]Colby, Climate Mechanical